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San Martin de Hidalgo Tequila 

Brand Notes:

In 1883, the town of San Martín de la Cal in Jalisco, Mexico was renamed
to San Martín de Hidalgo in honor of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Mexican Roman Catholic priest and a leader of the Mexican War of Independence who once marched across Mexico, gathering an army of 90,000 farmers and civilians to attack Spanish soldiers and their compatriots in arms. He was later found guilty of treason by a military court and executed. The remains of Hidalgo lie in the column of the Angel of Independence in Mexico City.

What inspires you?

Tequila is perhaps the most complex distilled spirit.

Fine blue weber agave requires six to fourteen years of growth to mature before it is ready to be harvested. Agaves from the highlands around Arandas and San Miguel and from the lowlands around Tequila and Amatitan are selected for San Martín de Hidalgo.

Highland agaves are sweeter and fruity with a mild agave note, while lowland agaves are spicy and earthy. This composition of both types of blue weber agave creates a complex and refined flavor, perfect to enjoy on its own, with ice, or in a cocktail.

The blue weber agaves for San Martín de Hidalgo tequila are cooked in Stone / Brick Ovens and Autoclave (50/50) and the Reposado and Añejo expressions are aged in French Oak, American White Oak and Bourbon barrels.


TALENT Schedule

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

5PM Arrive at Brioni store (1st floor of Bal Harbour Shops)


5.15PM Briefing on event and tequila tasting

6-8PM Event

LOCATION Brioni at Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave # 147, Bal Harbour, FL 

POINT OF CONTACT BENNY, 321-800-4368- Text, Benny@londonberryspirits.com 

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